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Complete List Of NAFDAC Import Banned Products/Goods

NAFDAC Import ban
Written by Uche Francis

Hello all and welcome to this post on the list of items banned from being imported into Nigeria by the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control  (NAFDAC).

After reading our last post on the list of items banned from forex by CBN, you may have thought that as an importer or aspiring importer, all the goods/products/items you may have to stay clear from are those banned by customs in the import prohibition list or possibly that of CBN. But am afraid that’s not the case.
NAFDAC Import ban

NAFDAC as an agency in charge of food and drug administration has a complete say entirely. Since part of what’s being imported into the country, are food and drugs. They’ve seen in it, the need to place a ban on certain importable products which they consider harmful or unsafe for local consumption.

You need to accustom yourself with all of this items to avoid the inevitable from happening. As individuals, corporates or businesses found guilty of importing this NAFDAC import prohibited products will either;

1. Have it denied entrance into the country or
2. Seized and destroyed upon entry or

3. Fined a specified undisclosed amount as penalty. Usually a huge amount/percentage of the proposed ROI on the products.

In some cases, the individual, corporate or business might have their import license revoked. Which might be the worst case scenario. As that might be the end game to your import business.

So with that taken care of, let’s proceed with the list of items.

List Of NAFDAC Import Banned Items/Product/Goods

Below are the list of items banned/prohibited from being imported into the country by NAFDAC. The list will be updated as time goes on. So do well to check back from time to time.
  1. Agro Chemical
  2. Avocado butter
  3. Beans
  4. Blessed Water
  5. Canned Foods
  6. Cheese
  7. Chemicals
  8. Cosmetics
  9. Drugs of any kind
  10. Food Condiments
  11. Food Supplements
  12. Fragrance Oils
  13. Fruit Drinks
  14. Herbs
  15. Imported Vegetable Oil
  16. Pesticides
  17. Roasted coffee
  18. Soaps & Creams
  19. Toner Cartridges
  20. Virgin Wheat Germ
  21. Wine

NOTE: If you must import these products, then you have to personally take it to NAFDAC for proper checks and approval before bringing it in.

There you have it. Before choosing to import anything, do well to check the list again – it takes only but a minute. To avoid importing prohibited drugs or food which might put an end to your import business.

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