How To Book A Flight In Nigeria (Complete Guide)

Written by Uche Francis

Booking a flight in Nigeria is not a rocket science. Traveling by air in Nigeria require you to take some simple steps to book a flight that will take you to your destination.

However, it is not an exaggeration to say that most Nigerians don’t know how to book a flight from the comfort of their homes. If you fall into this group, this article will give you a comprehensive and detailed explanation of how you can do this without breaking a sweat.book_a_flight_in_nigeria


Before you connect to the Internet and make that booking, let’s discuss some crucial points that will help you have a quick and stress-free booking.

Types of flight

There are basically two types of flight in Nigeria. They are:

  • Domestic flight: Domestic flights are flights taken from one part of the country to the other. A typical example is a flight from Lagos to Abuja. It is common to see people making interstate flights for a couple of reasons such as business, vacation, and other purposes.

The domestic carriers are Air Nigeria, Aero Contractors, Arik Air, IRS Airlines, Dana Air, Associated Aviation, First Nation Airway, and Overland Airways. These airways are responsible for flying Nigerians to 21 different destinations across the country.

  • International flight: As the name suggests, this is taking a flight from Nigeria to other countries of the world. A flight from Nigeria to London is an international flight. Such as with domestic flights, people take international flights for a good array of reasons such as for education, business, vacation, relocation, and for other purposes.

You can take a trip to over 40 international destinations from Nigeria via Muritala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, and Port Harcourt International Airport.

Therefore, it is imperative that you identify the trip you want to make before contacting a particular airline for booking a flight.

Some major points for domestic flights are:

  • Abuja
  • Sokoto
  • Lagos
  • Ibadan
  • Kano
  • Jos
  • Benin City
  • Port Harcourt
  • Yola
  • Maiduguri
  • Asaba and other locations.


Some international routes are:

  • Cameroon
  • New York
  • Accra
  • Ghana
  • Mumbai
  • Qatar
  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • South Africa

You can travel directly from Nigeria to any of these countries with an international flight.

The process

There are about 3 ways to book a flight in Nigeria. These are listed below:

First method: Through the airline’s website

After confirming the type of flight you want to embark on and the airline of your choice, you can follow the steps below to book your flight:

  • Check the official website of the airline. If you don’t have a preferred airline, check the list of airlines that will fly the route on a particular day you want to travel. Follow the link to sign in to the website.
  • Click “One Way” to specify the flight pattern you want to use. Instead of One Way, you should choose the right option, Return or Multi-city as the case may be.
  • In the “From” box, type your current location. This box may be different on some sites. Nevertheless, you will see a corresponding box such as “Enter departure city”
  • The “To” box should contain your destination. This may also be written as “Enter arrival city”
  • The next box should include the predetermined traveling day.
  • Write Nigeria in the “Booking From” section
  • When you are through with that, click “Search and book”
  • Some airlines have options for “Preferred Airline,” “Preferred Cabin,” and “Rebookable Flight.” Each of these options should be addressed to reflect your flight plans.

Method two: Through a third party

Alternatively, you can go through This website provides people the opportunity to book a flight on any airline that operates in Nigeria. When you get to the site, do these:

  • Click “BOOK A FLIGHT”
  • You can select from these options: “One way,” “Return,” or “Multi City.”

One Way

If you select One Way, fill in the following:

  • Enter departure city
  • Enter arrival city
  • Select the departure date.
  • Select the number of travelers.
  • Click on “More options” to give you a list of other important options.
  • Choose the preferred cabins. The options here are Economy, Business, First Class, or Premium.
  • Under the “Preferred Airline, select the appropriate airline for you”


When you are through with the registration, click “Search flights now”


If you select Return, your options are the same as that of One Way; the only difference is you must specify your return date after selecting the departure date.


This option is available for travelers who have more than a destination in mind. If you select this option, you will enter the following information repeatedly to reflect the number of times you want to travel. Remember you can only do this by clicking “Add another flight” after supplying the information for the initial trip.

  • Enter departure city
  • Enter arrival city
  • Date

For instance, if you want to travel from Lagos to Port Harcourt, your first departure city will be Lagos, while the initial arrival city is Port Harcourt. If you want to move from Port Harcourt to Abuja, your information for the next trip should be:

  • Enter departure city: Port Harcourt
  • Enter arrival city: Abuja
  • The date will reflect when you propose to leave Port Harcourt.

book a flight on phone

Method three: Through an app

Most airline operators now have an application designed to make booking a flight very easy. To avail yourself of this opportunity, you can download the app of your preferred airline on your smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled devices. From there, you can access the official website of the airline and follow the booking procedures as listed in the app.

To download the app, visit the airline’s website and download the app there. You can also do that via Play Store.

Payment options

The next question is how to pay for a booked flight. Contrary to popular opinion, paying for a booked flight can be done in a number of ways which are:

  • Cash on Delivery: Cash on delivery allows you to pay for your flight after booking online. A courier company will deliver your flight ticket to the designated address while booking. You can then pay for the flight to the agent who delivers the ticket to you.
  • Quickteller: This is another convenient method of payment you can avail yourself of. With Quickteller, you can make your payment with Verve card or Interswitch via the Quickteller official website. You can send the confirmation of payment to after completing your online booking.
  • Cash payment: You can approach your nearest bank and pay for the flight ticket after booking online by transferring the money.
  • Electronic Fund Transfer: YOU can make an online transfer of the fund to the appropriate destination. You will be given a booking reference number after the completion of your booking. Use this number for transferring the fund to the third party handling the payment, e.g. travel start. Send the POP after the payment.

You can only take advantage of this if you are registered for online banking. If you do, just login to your personal internet banking account and make the payment without hitches.

In a nutshell, you can book a flight in Nigeria without leaving the comfort of your home. This is very simple if you can follow one of the recommended methods above. Within a few minutes, you will be through with your booking and prepare yourself to embark on the next journey. So whether for a business trip, vacation, or relocation, don’t stress yourself, book the flight from your house without any unnecessary stress.

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