How To Apply For Nigerian International Passport: A Complete Guide

Nigerian International Passport
Written by Uche Francis

In this post, you will find with full details all you need to know about the Nigerian International Passport. Which includes what it is, its uses, types, cost, application requirements, locations where you can get yours and off course, the procedures and duration for getting it here in Nigeria. Before we proceed,

What Is An International Passport?

According to Wikipedia, an international passport or passport for travel abroad is a second passport, in addition to the internal passport, required for a citizen to travel abroad within the country of residence.
While that might look a bit too classy, we will like to define it as a travel document usually issued by the government of a nation, that certifies the identity and the nationality of its holder/owner for the purpose of international travel.
Nigerian International Passport

Nigerian International Passport

Types Of Passport

It might interest you to know that there are different types of international passports being issued by the Nigerian government. Each with their various uses and functions. This passports include;
  1. Diplomatic Passport (Red cover)
  2. Official Passport (Blue cover)
  3. Standard Nigeria Passport (Green cover)
  4. Pilgrims Passport (Color varies from year to year)
  5. Seaman’s Book (Certificate of Identity) (Maroon cover)
More on the types of passports can be found here on Nigerian immigration website. But i will like to draw your attention to the third one on the list as that’s the Nigerian International Passport or rather E-Passport as its currently being referred which this post is after.
In that, its all about size of the booklet being issued. There is the 32 paged booklet meant mostly for first time applicants or those that don’t travel much,  and the 64 paged booklet meant for frequent travelers.
At first, one is been issued the 32 paged international passport after which when exhausted (pages are field) can then request for the 64 paged international passport. Mind you, both the 32 and 64 pages passports are issued at same price/cost.

Uses Of The Nigerian International Passport?

As stated earlier while defining an international passport, I said it is used as a travel document while going abroad for business, study or whatever reason. But just like other international passports, its uses, however are not limited to travel alone. As it can also be used as a valid form of identification in places were your National ID Card, Voters Card, or Drivers license are not readily available.
Since its a valid document being issued by the government, its widely accepted in banks, online e-payment vendors as a method of identification for account opening and validation.

How To Apply & Obtain A Valid Nigerian International Passport

Having dealt with all of the above, there might be a host of reasons why you may want or need this card. Which brings us to how too can apply and obtain one for yourself.
But first, there are two ways in which you can obtain the passport. Which is through online or offline. Both process is easy and a walk through if you know what you are doing, and meet with all the basic requirements which i will take no time to list below.

Requirements For Nigerian International Passport

  1. Nigerian Passport Application Form (should be completed online and printed out. For offline, this will be given to you at the immigration office)
  2. Guarantor
  3. Payment Slip
  4. Local Government State Of Origin
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Change of name affidavit (if you’ve changed your name before)
  7. Photocopy of applicants data page
  8. Two current passport-size photographs
  9. Drivers license, Voters card or any valid means of identification
  10. Processing Nigerian passport fee of N15,000 (amount is subject to change offline can very from N28,000 to N40,000)

Application Process For Online

To apply for your Nigerian international passport online, (note you will still have to take your print out to the immigration office. Applying online only hastens the process when you get to their office and prevents the chances of you being scammed by dubious agents) follow the steps given below.
  1. Visit the homepage of Nigerian Immigration Portal
  2. Locate and click on the e-passport tab in the appropriate application for to start the process
  3. Select your preferred passport type
  4. Select your processing country
  5. Fill in the form with your current and correct details
  6. Upload the scanned copies of your required documents
  7. Select your payment method and proceed to online payment
  8. Click submit

Application Process For Offline

For offline, unlike the online application method that you can start the process online at the comfort of your home, and then, take the print out to the immigration’s office to complete the process. You have to start everything from scratch at the immigration office beginning with the payment which puts you at a very high risk of falling prey to scam artists at the immigration centers.
To begin with this method, you have to first decide on the immigration office closest to you in the state of choice (Lagos, Delta, Abuja, Imo, Rivers state etc). Although i had lots of my friends do theirs at one of their offices in Asaba Delta state due to same day delivery. But you can choose from a host of other Nigerian Immigration centers nationwide.
You can choose and walk into any of the offices and let your intention known. After payment, they will give you forms to fill and then walk you through the steps involved. If you are lucky, you might get the passport same day as most of my friends who did theirs at Asaba Delta state. But if you ain’t you may end up like Ethelbert my other friend who did his at Owerri Imo state and had to wait for weeks to get it due to lack of booklet.

What happens If I Misplace Or Lose My Passport?

As much as i want to talk about this, i will like to advice you not to for any reason miss place your international passport. As getting it back is usually not a thing to wish even your worst enemy. I’ve heard a lot of stories and non sounds good to the ear.
People pass through a lot of difficulties in trying to get the immigration’s to reissue their lost passport which in most cases weren’t granted. Unless you are ready to bring out your time, and also, spend like an idiot. I also learnt replacements of the Nigerian international passport can only be gotten from Abuja immigration’s head office. So guide yours as much as you can.
UPDATE: A chat with some agents in the field actually revealed that instead of going through the stress of going to Abuja immigration’s head office and passing through the rigor of getting your lost passport replaced, you can actually apply for a new (fresh) one and forget about the existence of the lost one.

Validity/Expiration & Renewal Of Nigerian International Passport

The last time i checked, the validity period of the Nigerian international passport was moved to 10 years by NIS (Nigerian Immigration Services) from the initial validity period of 5 years. So as at the time of compiling this post, the validity/expiration for the passport is 10 years. After which you have to renew it.
To renew the international passport, a renewal cost of N20,000 is usually charged. And requires the following documents;
  • Police Report (If misplaced)
  • The renewal fee of N20,000
  • Two passport-size photographs preferably with white background.
  • Applicant should provide Passport Number of lost Passport or Old passport being replaced or renewed
  • Finally, applicant will be required to appear in person for biometric and image acquisition

You may also find useful the below information which include;

The Official Website Of Nigerian Immigration Service in charge of the the issuance of Nigerian International passports:
Headquarters Address:

Nigerian Immigration Service Headquarters,
Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Road ,
Sauka Abuja.
P.M.B. 38
Garki Abuja.

Phone:     +234-9-7806771

With all of the above written, for more information regarding getting your own Nigerian International passport, please leave us a comment and we will get to you with the speed of light.

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