Top 6 Reasons Wealthy Nigerians Choose To Give Birth Abroad (U.S.A, UK, Canada etc)

pregnant Nigerian
Written by Uche Francis

It’s no more news that most Nigerians which happen to be financially stable prefer to give birth to their kids abroad. In fact, if you read the news often, you might have heard about the way different celebrities travel abroad to deliver their babies. You can refer here for that of Mercy Johnson and that of Omawumi.

This act, practice based on observation, is far from being for expert reasons but for other future interest/gains for the kid (s) involved. On this post, we will discuss in detail why most Nigerians take the risk (its not easy for a pregnant woman to travel by air especially when they’re almost due for delivery) or rather the benefits of giving birth abroad and how you too can do the same if you deem it fit.
pregnant Nigerian

Without knowing, one may think why Nigerians choose to give birth abroad is simply because Nigeria as a nation lacks good medical facilities and practitioners. But that’s far from being the WHY? behind it. And just like Bey and Jay paid more than $1 million to rent a floor of the hospital for the birth of Blue Ivy, Nigerians don’t travel abroad for childbirth just in order to brag about their financial status.

So with that said, why then do Wealthy Nigerians and celebrities at large travel abroad for their child’s birth?

Below Are the Top 6 Reasons Nigerians Prefer To Give Birth Abroad

==>1. Good medical Infrastructures Available Abroad
I wanted access to the best healthcare for my childbirth experience and we could afford it, so why not… was what one of this mothers said.

But come to think of it. What do you think? Could that be the reason? Well if you ask me, its true we don’t have enough good medical facilities here Nigeria. But there are quite a handful of them (hospitals: private and govt owned) that are good at what they do and can still get the job done.

==>2. Good prenatal And Antenatal care
Apart from having good medical infrastructures, it’s obvious that you tend to find good medical practitioners abroad (people that are happy doing their jobs) unlike in Nigeria. These workers, say nurses tend to care more for their patients just to make sure they’re all right.

According to a white female friend, these nurses even go a long way to putting you on call just to know how you are fairing before and after birth which if you ask me, is something that is next to impossible as long as Nigeria is concerned. So if you are a lady, and want to be pampered (lols) by this nurses, medical practitioners when pregnant, start getting your visa ready.

==>3. For Show Off
You and I know how Nigerians with chicken change behave. They’re always want to show the poor masses who care to know that they’ve got what it takes. That they’re financially stable and can ride the most expensive cars. So them being able to do what celebs do can also give them the Oga At The Top title amongst their peers/locality.

==>4. Cost of College Education

The cost of a college education differs widely between countries, and many public institutions offer lower rates (or free universal education) for citizens of their country or residents of a particular area.

So giving birth to your child in countries or areas like that, with dual citizenship (know more about this below) tends to give the said child an opportunity to school for free or at a price which is almost free.
dual citizenship

dual passport

==>5. Dual Citizenship
This is the major reason most Nigerians choose to give birth abroad especially in countries like America (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, etc. As the practice end up giving the said child the opportunity to enjoy all that is to be enjoyed for being the citizen of a given nation

However, not all countries accept dual citizenship. Even those that do, only do so with a limited number of countries around the world. So before you choose to give birth abroad for this reason, in particular, be sure to do your research well and go for a country that allows Nigerians dual citizenship.

==>6. One Or Both Of the Parents Or Relatives Leave & Work Abroad
If both or one of the parents or some of their relatives leave and work abroad, giving birth to a child abroad in the said country will also give the child a chance to live, work and get a life there too. As deduced from one parent’s point of view as quoted below.

I am a student in the UK and my husband is on a work permit here as well. The British Government has made it clear that if you are not British or EU, there is no future for you here, we traveled to the US for childbirth so our son will not have to face all this wahala

One other reason I will be pointing out but not actually including to the list is the fact that these parents also believe it’s easier for the kid(s) to survive or leave a comfortable life abroad.

So with that said, I believe you now know why these celebs and the wealthy few do what they do. If you’ve been sitting around doing all the critics each time the give birth abroad news pops up or wondering why its been done and adopted by many, now you know.

Our next post will be about the complete procedures to follow in other to give birth to your child abroad along with the list of countries that grant Nigerians dual citizenship after giving birth in the said country.

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